Love Only Snow White Gold Rose (natural Rose)

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All of our roses are real fresh-cut roses that are carefully selected for quality and shape. The full process takes over 128 steps to ensure the roses are fully prepared and preserved. The final step is to prime and electroplate each individual rose with 24k gold, silver, or platinum. There is also a full 24K gold dipping process where the entire rose is dipped in 24k gold.
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All of our roses are real fresh-cut roses that are carefully selected for quality and shape. 

The full process takes over 128 steps to ensure the roses are fully prepared and preserved. The final step 

is to prime and electroplate each individual rose with 24k gold, silver, or platinum. There is also a full 24K gold 

dipping process where the entire rose is dipped in 24k gold. The Daya gold roses range in length from eight

 inches to twelve inches long - Or made specifically to your own specified length. All of our real roses are 

preservedat their peak, allowing their beauty to last forever.Customers: Domestic Jewelry Store / Trading 

Company / Foreign CustomersThere are 40 color schemes customized and the colors can be customized according 

to the requirements.Cross-border e-commerce designated manufacturers source of goods, gold plated rose spot, 

processing, customization, wholesale sales integrated factory.

Main/Current Customers


Market(US, Europe, Australia)

% of Business

Jewelry Store

24k Gold Rose



Trading Company

24k Gold Rose / Rose Rings/ Earring/ rose Necklace / Rose Dome / Customization etc.


US, Europe



Foreign Customers

All 24k Gold Rose Series

US, Europe, Australia, Middle East


Quality Control and Production

Number of Factory Quality Control Employees:


Is there a formal Quality Assurance program?


If yes, please detail Quality Assurance program used:

Before packing, our quality control team will check each rose product one by one. Only we provided is high quality 24k gold rose jewelry product.

Factory Development Capabilities:

Does the factory have the capability to track purchased material orders/lots to finished products?


Does your factory offer any sculpting or design services?


If yes, please describe sculpting or design services in detail:

If customers want customization, customer need provide their own original design to our factory.
Rose Design: Our designer will check customer's design first, sometime our designer will advice customer do some modification on their design because of craftsmanship.
Logo Customization: We will send original logo design to cooperated decal factory to make decal.

Does your factory offer decal printing services?


If yes, which types of decals (Ceramic, Cold Application, etc.) please identify the following:

We can print logo on rose petals.Method is Gold Stamp and Water Transfer Printing.

Product Description

Item Name



gold-plated rose


Height 5cm;Diameter 7.5cm.


Monochrome roses have 20 shades


350g (include box)



Warm tip: there are two different types of gold-plated roses on the market, so the price is different.
One is made of PVC plastic silk-printing veins, and the other is made of natural flowers and roses.

The two products can't see clearly the materials in the pictures, so they seek for customized products according 

to customers' demands while pursuing price.In addition, deya jewelry all products only choose the rose

 material of flowers processing production

If more than 50 pieces, please contact the sales staff by email




  • Gold dipped roses are real natural roses combined with real gold and the flowers are treated with a special process and hand made so that they can last a long time. These roses are often given on special occasions such as Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, wedding anniversaries, birthdays and other celebrations and events.
  • Each colour has a different meaning: red, the lover's rose, symbolises enduring passion; white, humility and innocence; yellow, friendship and joy; pink, gratitude and admiration; orange, passion and longing; and white lilac and purple, enchantment and love at first sight.
  • With over 150 varieties and thousands of hybrids, there are roses in almost every colour and shape. To show you just how vast the rose family is, you can also customise the colours you need according to the Pantone colour card, just tell us the Pantone colour code and make a swatch until you are satisfied.

  • It will not be deliberately damaged, it will always retain this beauty and it is a gift that can be passed on so that this beauty will always be with our family from generation to generation.

  • Daiya factory will arrange the third party organisation, SGS, to test the products every month to ensure that the thickness of the gold layer of the products meets the standard. In addition, when each batch of products is plated with gold, we use our own gold layer testing equipment to test and control the gold layer at a rate of 20%, so that each batch of products can meet customers' requirements.
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