24K dipped gold rose various types of material analysis description sharing

Author: Andy Zhang     Publish Time: 19-10-2023      Origin: https://www.dygoldenrose.com/news.html

24K dipped gold rose various types of material analysis description sharing

A lot of customer feedback to share how the material of the gold dipped rosette should be differentiated.

The material of any product will be differentiated and you need to choose the product according to your needs, 

we must really understand the structure of the product.

Today to share with you the difference between the materials of 24K gold dipped roses,

 gold dipped roses have a variety of materials to make, some people recognize the gold foil material,

 some people recognize the crystal material, some people recognize the PVC material, 

and some people recognize the natural rose material dipped in gold roses.

I use natural rose material and PVC material to compare, 

so that you can recognize the material yourself and purchase according to your needs.

First of all, it is clear that there is no distinction between good and bad for any material,

 just make a choice based on your needs.


Gold dipped roses are made using plastic material PVC and printing techniques to create a petal texture, 

which is machine pressed to create the shape of the rose petals, 

similar to the process used for fabric flowers, which are later sealed with resin. However, 

the branches are made using natural branches as an auxiliary material, 

and the leaves are made using openwork leaf veins or real flower leaves. Finally, 

hand-painted and then electroplated with a gold layer.


Another type of gold dipped rose has simpler materials, but the process is really more complicated. 

All natural rose materials are used as raw materials, including rose petals, leaves, branches, 

thorns and calyxes. The handmade part alone accounts for over ninety-five percent of the process.

 The processing of fresh roses is more complicated, flowers need to choose A grade roses, petals, leaves, branches can not be broken, 

the process up to hundreds of times. 24K gold-dipped roses are popular for a long time precisely because it is a symbol of the rose in the flower.

Daiya gold-plated roses, from raw materials to the finished product gold-plated,

 the entire process of self-control. The thickness of the gold plating layer can be customized according to customer needs. 

Insisting on the original intention, insisting on quality, insisting on using the best raw materials, 

and constantly improving the quality of products.Better service for all