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Nanjing Daiya Jewelry Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the design, development, processing and wholesale sales of natural flowers and plants. With high quality and authenticity, we are recognized by the industry with integrity, strength and product quality, and continue to enrich product lines and expand the market. At present, the company's products are very popular in the United States, Canada, France, Italy, the Middle East, China and other countries and regions, giving jewelry a new life and giving them a new life.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can 24K gold dipped roses be customised with other styles?

    Various lengths can be customised on request and flowers can be customised from drawings.
  • Are the materials used for the Gold Roses environmentally friendly?

    Yes, all the roses are made of natural roses as auxiliary materials, each process is handmade, and all other raw materials are also internationally certified environmentally friendly materials that will not cause any harm to the human body.
  • Is the thickness of the gold layer on the surface of Gold Dipped Rose products stable?

     Is the thickness of the gold layer on the surface of Gold Dipped Rose products stable?
    Daiya factory will arrange the third party organisation, SGS, to test the products every month to ensure that the thickness of the gold layer of the products meets the standard. In addition, when each batch of products is plated with gold, we use our own gold layer testing equipment to test and control the gold layer at a rate of 20%, so that each batch of products can meet customers' requirements.
  • How long will a 24K gold plated rose last?

    It will not be deliberately damaged, it will always retain this beauty and it is a gift that can be passed on so that this beauty will always be with our family from generation to generation.
  • How many rose varieties are there?

    With over 150 varieties and thousands of hybrids, there are roses in almost every colour and shape. To show you just how vast the rose family is, you can also customise the colours you need according to the Pantone colour card, just tell us the Pantone colour code and make a swatch until you are satisfied.

With the mission and mission of "continuing the life of every treasure created by God", the company combines classical mosaic art with its unique modern biotechnology. After 128 manual processes, the company successfully succeeded in the longevity of the original rose. The fusion of fresh and jewels is gorgeous and beautiful, which gave birth to the world's only true rose series, leading the trend of high-tech natural jewelry.