24k fully gold-plated roses going to Iran

Author: Andy Zhang     Publish Time: 26-06-2023      Origin: https://www.dygoldenrose.com/news.html

24k fully gold-plated roses going to Iran

As I entered the Daiya Rose Warehouse,

 I was struck by the sight of two beautiful young ladies carefully loading golden roses into boxes. 

The air was filled with the scent of flowers and the

 concentration with which they worked was mesmerizing. 

They were both wearing Daiya's cool pink overalls and their hair was 

neatly tied back in ponytails.

 The golden rose petals were dainty and the color shone with delight 

as they handled them carefully. And put a moisture-proof bag on each package. 

The warehouse was lined with shelves, each piled high with boxes of golden roses, 

ready to be shipped to customers in Iran. 

It was the perfect combination of beauty and efficiency, 

and I couldn't help but be in awe of what I was seeing.