Daiya Classic Series Dip Gold Rose in stock

Author: Andy Zhang     Publish Time: 16-06-2023      Origin: https://www.dygoldenrose.com/news.html

Daiya Classic Series Dip Gold Rose in stock

There are so many names for gold dipped roses that many people take it 

at face value when they are not sure of its name to 

describe it. Such as 24K gold rose, gold plated rose, 

natural gold plated rose, gold rose, gold flower, real gold rose, 

pure gold 24K gold rose, artificial gold rose, gold plated rose that never fades, gold edge rose, 

and so on. Isn't it rich? This product every year in the middle of the year is when the number 

of orders begins to increase, because of the specialization of the product material,

 as well as the process is more complex, orders are processed in advance, near October, 

the start of delivery. However, in 2023, through the continuous improvement of technology and personnel, 

our monthly production has leaped exponentially,

 so some of the gold-dipped roses will be in stock, 

which can serve customers in a hurry, and on the other hand, will not delay the 

delivery time of large customer orders. 

We welcome buyers from all countries to ask for quotations, 

and also welcome you to visit our factory.

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