Daiya jewelry series product name

Author: Andy Zhang     Publish Time: 21-06-2023      Origin: https://www.dygoldenrose.com/news.html

Daiya jewelry series product name

Dip gold rose has many names such as 24K gold rose, gold plated rose, 

natural gold plated rose, gold rose, gold flower, 

real gold rose, pure gold 24K gold rose, artificial gold rose,

 never tarnish gold plated rose, gold edge rose and so on.

 Isn't it very rich? There are different names all over the world. 

This product is very popular among consumers because it is made of 

fresh flowers and roses. Roses represent many blessings and a kind of confession to lovers.

 This line is available in a wide range of colors. 

Some people like a variety of colors. 

Some people collect multiple colors every year because the colorful colors

 are so beautiful together. Daiya jewelry has hundreds of colors for

 more than ten years, and all kinds of colors can be customized by 

Pantone color card, and we welcome customers from all countries to visit our factory.


Classic three-petal flower