Daya fights the outbreak to restore production lines

Author: Andy Zhang     Publish Time: 29-02-2020      Origin:

Daya fights the outbreak to restore production lines

Daya fights the outbreak to restore production lines

2020 is bound to be a year of both challenges and opportunities,The situation remains severe throughout the country,

All of Diane's friends have returned to work as usual for a week. First of all,

 I want to thank my country for its love and support for us,

Secondly, I would like to thank all the staff of dya for their efforts in preparing epidemic materials.

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Owing to the heavy workload during epidemic prevention and preparations for the resumption of work,As a result, 

the friends in the editorial department of dya failed to release the information about the resumption of work in time,Hope you can understand.


During the outbreak control period,All staff of dya strictly follow the requirements of the regional epidemic prevention and control department every day,

Regularly check the health status of all personnel and disinfect the workshop,

New and old customers at home and abroad please feel free to place orders,Thank you for your care and support during the epidemic.


In 2020,The production and sales target of dya's 360,000 roses remains unchanged,

Constant quality,Service unchanged,Diane.Because the world is still so warm with you.