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How to pack the nude roses soaked in gold is the most important thing for customers.

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Regarding how to pack the golden-dipped naked roses,

our biggest concern for all products is the issue of safe transportation.

Today I would like to share with you the packaging 

method of Daya dipped gold rose nude flowers.

First of all, naked flowers do not have any other products, that is,

customers only need flowers, and the packaging is 

usually customized locally by customers,

which is also to save costs. Gold dipped roses need to be inspected first,

then sealed with 4.7 silk cellophane triangular bags,

then sealed with custom thickened bubble triangular bags,

and put into foam boards on six sides of custom 

thickened and hardened cardboard boxes ,

The wrapped nude flowers are placed in a crosswise way,

and the outermost corners of the carton are sealed with 

custom-made thickened and hardened corner guards,

and finally the entire box is sealed with three layers of stretch film.

We have used this packaging method for more than ten years,

no matter whether it is sent domestically or abroad, 

and it is very popular with customers.

It minimizes the loss and reaches the customer safely.


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