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In the face of the epidemic, we are all family.

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In the face of the epidemic, we are all family.

The whole Chinese the spring festival is shrouded in panic and hardship of the spread of the epidemic.

But we have always believed that the epidemic will be overcome.Do personal hygiene every day wash hands 

frequently ventilate more wear masks.It is precisely because of our efforts to work together to eradicate the evil virus.


But what I didn't expect was that the evil virus would spread wantonly in other countries.This is another blow to the confidence we have just built up.But who are we? 

we are human beings we believe in the near future, The season of spring.We will come to the streets to the parks and beaches to breathe the fresh and free air with the joy of victory.

There is no spring that can't be reached and there is no epidemic that can't be passed believe in yourself and believe in our earth.

We will always be a family on earth ,Do not abandon do not give up, we help each other.

    Bless our home full of vigor and vitality, endless.


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