Let the 24k gold rose sparkle with warmth

Author: Andy Zhang     Publish Time: 18-03-2023      Origin: https://www.dygoldenrose.com/news.html

Let the 24k gold rose sparkle with warmth

The construction of corporate culture, management process system, rules and regulations, 

and salary system is an unavoidable bay in the process of a company's development from small to large, 

from weak to strong. The foundation upon which this content is built is people. Therefore,

 humanistic care is indispensable in the process of business management. 

In addition to being grateful for the trust and support of new and old customers,

 the development and growth of the enterprise should be most grateful to the

 employees in every job on the 24k gold rose production line of Diya. Therefore,

 Daya specially set up a monthly employee birthday party to express its gratitude 

to all employees! Let's work together to be a warm enterprise!