Reasons for the whitening of the gold rose layer

Author: Andy Zhang     Publish Time: 08-08-2023      Origin:

Reasons for the whitening of the gold rose layer

Many customers feedback gold plated rose,

Why is there a big difference in the color of gold on the surface,

To understand your doubts,

Let me explain to you today why this happens,There are three points,

The first point is that the ratio concentration of raw materials is not enough during electroplating,

Causes the color of the gold plating to be whitish.

The second point is to electroplate imitation gold in order to reduce the cost of electroplating,

The third is caused by the different requirements of 

customers for the thickness of the electroplating gold layer itself,

So the color difference of gold will be bigger,So what is our standard gold plating thickness?

Daya electroplating conventional gold layer passed the ten-point detection method,

And each batch of products is strictly sampled according to the ratio of 3% to 5%.,

Each batch of products will print the original report and keep it on file,

It is convenient for customers to provide the most original report data when they need it.