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Specific details of Daiya Dipped Gold Rose market in 2023

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With a good portion of the year 2023 behind us, 

the end of the year and the early months of the

 year are a concentrated time for various holidays.

Orders for Daiya dipped gold roses also enter a very busy

 period starting in early September each year. Each month,

 in addition to submitting a fixed number of orders from regular customers, 

there is an influx of new orders.

 New and existing customers are assured that our daily 

production and quality are guaranteed and delivery dates are much earlier than before.

 Daiya will do its best to satisfy customers' needs

 for the classic 24K gold rose three-petal style, 

European four-petal style and other customized styles specified by customers.

We welcome new and old customers to visit us at any time.





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