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Thank you to SF for loading our golden roses with care

Views: 1     Author: Andy Zhang     Publish Time: 2023-05-13      Origin:

On Friday morning, our warehouse partners had already packed the 

gold roses ordered by our customers and placed them neatly in the area to be 

discharged. The efficient and fast S.F. Express crew also arrived at the Daiya Golden Rose

 factory warehouse on time and was welcomed by the beautiful warehouse manager. 

The manager explained to the SF courier boys the relevant rose shipments that 

needed to be carefully received and loaded. The manager then also explained to the

 courier crew some precautions for handling the loading and loading of the gold rose cargo

 to ensure that each and every gold rose was not damaged in any way. 

The couriers followed the instructions and carefully loaded the goods onto the truck. 

You see the carriage is not only stuffed, 

there are several items that can only be placed on the roof.


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