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  • Q If there is damage, how to deal with the return?

    A If the return is returned in the case of no problem with the quality, but the freight sent by the seller and the freight returned by the buyer will be deducted; if the goods are damaged, first take the damaged photos and the number of products, send an email to We will exchange or reissue you on weekdays.
  • Q How many pieces can be customized with their own trademark gift boxes?

    A Custom packaging is set at 1000 pieces. After confirmation, you need to provide the trademark source file, as well as the drawing of the gift box, in order to design the sample box for you. The sample fee is determined according to the material and process of the gift box.
  • Q Can I purchase samples?

    A Yes, you can directly place an order online to purchase samples, and after receiving the sample, you can send us an email with feedback.
  • Q What is the general mode of transportation for bulk goods?

    A If you have time to get the bulk goods, you can choose to take the shipping. If it is more urgent, you can choose to take the air. However, the time and price are different from each place. This needs to be sent to us in order to give you an accurate answer.
  • Q Is there an order processing?

    A Daiya rose has its own production factory, from the first procedure of flowers to the final gold plating layer, all the quality processes have our own control. Yanya Rose accepts bulk orders all year round and accepts samples to provide graphic design products and services.
  • Q Is your website safe to pay online?

    This site is completely secure and has the latest SSL security encryption technology.
  • Q Is your material environmentally friendly?

    All the raw materials used in the Daiya golden rose are standardized by international testing, and each test certificate proves to be a green type of environmental protection, so we can use it with confidence.
  • Q What is the difference between your products and similar products?

    The overall size of the Daiya golden rose is slightly larger than that of similar products. The petals and similar products are also relatively large. In addition, the gold plating on the surface is 2 to 4 times higher than that of similar products. This has a strict standardization gold layer in the gold-plated gift industry. The ordinary thin gold layer will look at the white light.
  • Q Is the rose easy to break?

    A Although the golden rose is made of natural flowers and roses, it is sealed with natural environmentally friendly collagen resin. It is harder than expected, but it can not be broken on hard objects, which will cause damage.
  • Q Is the golden rose really made?

    A All of our products are made from natural flower materials, including rose petals and branches.

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